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Make-up at School

Recently I have decided to invest into make-up. Though most girls start wearing make-up to school at the age of thirteen or so I did not see the point and now in grade eleven with the current school year ending in about eight weeks I want to wear make-up.

The only problem I have is, if you put to much on you can be criticised but if you put to little on… well that just defeats the purpose of wearing make-up in the first place. So to all of you who either don’t want to wear heavy make-up, look like a doll or want to start but don’t know the appropriate amount for school. I am here to tell you.

Firstly what I found is being natural is good, very good. When and if applying foundation only put small amounts on. Another name for this perfect product is concealer. Think of this then apply. Concealer is only meant to cover up blemishes not make you look like an ompa lompa or have the ability to draw a love heart on your face because it is so thick.

Secondly, some girls can pull it of but that doesn’t mean you need to wear mascara or eye-liner to school. It’s unnecessary but that won’t stop you from wearing it.

Thirdly, blush. If you use blush only small amounts. Like foundation it shouldn’t stand out on your face, not for school. If you have done your foundation I find blending your blush into the concealer makes for a more natural look for school.

Lip gloss can be used and any time is okay. there is really no restrictions there. If you took my advice then good for you. I thought I should share my findings with the Tumblr world. As always, If you have any questions or there is anything you would like me to make comment here or if you have DeviantArt Send me a note.


MANICURE MUSE: Kenzo Spring ‘13

Think of the Kenzo tiger sweatshirt like a Willy Wonka golden ticket… they exist only on the rare street style icon, but not for real life people. Why? Because they are SOLD OUT everywhere! I’ve learned my lesson though. I solemnly swear to stalk Moda Operandi and Opening Ceremony for the new Spring ’13 collection, because it will fly off the shelves with similar momentum. For Spring, it’s back to the jungle with utility separates (with the occasional safari onesie), exotic botanical prints, and bright bold color, but it was the leopard print in neon that really roared.

Click here for nail colors and step-by-step instructions!

No Camera


So I’ve done a tone of accessories for you guys but as you can see, they haven’t been uploaded. This is just plainly because I need to get a new camera. My old one was well, old and it decided to stop working. So hopefully in the next couple of week there will be a lot more posts from me instead of re-blogs and I will have my beautiful new camera to take beautiful new pictures with.

~Thank you.

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